January Newsletter from MangoRV

January Newsletter from MangoRV

RV ready to enter the second month of the New Year?! Hopefully the answer is yes.

We all know the past takes us down memory lane, but the present, however, is a wonderful time to scout opportunities for amazing adventures. This year we want to encourage American families to spend more time outdoors. Nature's magic, historic highways and beautiful scenic routes are inviting you out.

With the pandemic rapidly changing the way folks travel, the RV rental industry has seen a surprising 300% increase in bookings. Many Americans have purchased RV's and hit the road for the first time in 2021 while those not yet ready to own had a Try Before you Buy vacation. Here at MangoRV, we've been pleased to see the growth and are happy to continue serving customers just like you. Whether you're renting an RV, Listing Your Rig or have questions about RVing, we are committed to staying connected with you and being available when you need us.

To help you get the most out of RVing this year, here's 4 Things You Should Know In 2022. 

1. MangoRV Kicks Off 2022 at GNW Market | Saturday, February 5th

A little Saturday stroll with your loved ones and furry friends is always a great idea. Come on down to the GNW Market on February 5th to hang out with us and see all the amazing things local vendors have to offer. Whether you're a resident or out-of-towner passing through San Antonio, you don't want to miss this special day at the market. Make sure you save the date and follow us on Facebook or Instagram for more updates.

2. Share Your Travel Stories with a Map of your Adventures

While we may be in the modern era, travel maps aren't a thing of the past. Details are everything when you're telling someone about your amazing vacation. Thanks to Travellerspoint, campers can share trip details on the platform and get a personalized beautiful map of their adventures.

3. Enjoy These 5 Days at Any National Park in 2022
Visiting Parks and planning outdoor activities can get costly, and reservations tend to be difficult to find. The National Park Service just announced free admission into any of the 400 parks for six days in 2022. Make sure you mark your calendars and take advantage of this sweet offer.

4. Smart Ways to Use Your RV In 2022

Being an RV owner is a wonderful thing and as we mentioned before, more and more Americans are starting to purchase and join the RV community. But as life would have it, sometimes you end up being either too busy to take that long-desired vacation or your RV collects dust while taking up space in your driveway and not to mention storage fees. As owners ourselves, we know this and want to help you get the best out of your vacation on wheels. MangoRV.com currently offers the opportunity to List Your RV and earn up to $1000 a week. Renting out your rig can help you offset the cost of ownership and monthly storage fees. Learn more about our brand-new owner's program here.


Happy New Year, from our family to yours!

Noela and Moses Mogga
CEO and President of MangoRV

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