Owner's Frequently Asked Questions

General questions
How do I list a Vehicle?

Press on List an RV on the top menu. Follow the prompts as you go through the listing process.

Some documents to have ready: Details about your vehicle, such as Year, VIN, and name. Take photos of your vehicle.

For assistance call MangoRV at 210-780-7655 or write to us at support@mangorv.com and we would be happy to walk you through the listing process.

I received a booking. Now what? Walk through the booking process from start to finish)

1.Congratulations on getting your first booking

2. Confirm with the renter about the time for handoff and pick up. Answer all the renter’s questions, including any last-minute needs such as requests for blankets, coffee makers, bike racks, or seatbelts

3. A week prior to the trip start date ensure that the renter has paid for supplemental insurance for the dates of the trip. Call MangoRV for any questions about this issue.

4. Clean your RV inside and outside in preparation for the trip. Imagine inviting a guest into your home, and you want them to feel as homely as possible. Make sure that the propane and fuel are filled up and that the grey and water tanks are dumped.

5. On the trip start date, communication is key. Ensure that the renter has your contact. Confirm time and location for RV rental pickup. Get ready by filling out the departure forms that may be found on MangoRV documents in your owner dashboard.

6. Departure walkthrough: ensure 1 hour for a good walkthrough. Use the departure forms as a guide. Go through the vehicle, inform the renter of the particulars. It is important to touch on any rules for vehicle use, on how to operate the slide outs, the generator, AC, stove, TV. You want to record the mileage and levels for propane, and gas. Review the particular fuel for your RV, Gas vs Diesel. Make sure you fill the DEF fluid for diesel RV’s before departure

7. Now it is time to hand off the keys. Once your renter is on the road, be available to answer any questions and do some light troubleshooting. Depending on the experience of your renter, they may present you with simple questions, such as how to operate the slide out? Remember, MangoRV Roadside assistance is available for the unexpected such as vehicle towing, lockout, and tire changes while on the road.

8. Trip return handoff. Confirm time for trip handoff with your renter. Be available to receive your vehicle and do the Return walkthrough. You may use the Return walkthrough document on MangoRV documents in your Owner Dashboard as a guide. Jot down the condition of the vehicle, including any damages. If there are no issues, close the booking in the MangoRV platform so that the Security Deposit can be released. If you need more time to assess the vehicle, file a dispute with the MangoRV resolution center. In the absence of a dispute filed, the Security Deposit is released to the renter within 7 days of the trip’s end.

Best Practices to secure a booking (Listing Title, description, photos, props, accuracy, fast response times, clean vehicle, reviews)

Here are some best practices to secure a booking.

This starts with ensuring you have a good title and description for your vehicle.

TITLE: A descriptive title wins over renters. For example, instead of stating: 2018 Coachman Freelander, you may opt to list it as “Roomy 2018 Coachman Freelander, low miles, low deposit”. You may give your RV a name such as “Ron’s pet-friendly 2018 Coachman Freelander.” These are simply suggestions.

DESCRIPTION: Offer details that distinguish your RV from other similar RVs in your description. You may also share a few details about yourself, as renters want to know who they are renting from.

PHOTOS: Photos sell an RV. We recommend at least 10 photos. A minimum of 1 photo is required to list your RV. For the best photos: ensure that your RV is clean and uncluttered. Take photos in ample lighting. Take at least three photos of the outside of the RV; the front, back, and side. Take at least 5 photos of the interior; driver/passenger console, seating areas, sleeping quarters, kitchenette(if available), bathroom (if available).

PROPS: Use props to show your RV as it may be used by a renter. Props such as lounge chairs, a grill, the awning in use, slideouts make for great outside shots. Light a campfire at night and feature your RV behind it. Props such as blankets, the dinette set out with plates and cups for breakfast, for example, make for great interior shots. Include plants and books in your indoor shots.

ACCURACY: Describe your RV as accurately as possible, and ensure photos are of your actual RV, not of stock images. Renters do not like surprises. It is important that the number of sleeps is listed accurately.

FAST RESPONSE TIMES: When a renter contacts you, they are simultaneously sending messages to multiple RV owners. Fast response rates (less than 1 hour) will increase your chances of securing a booking.

CLEAN RV: When handing over your RV, ensure it is as clean as possible. Cleanliness features heavily in reviews, and nothing puts off future renters than reviews of former renters mentioning a dirty RV.

REVIEWS: Positive reviews sell an RV. After a trip ends, don’t be shy to ask a renter for their 5 STAR review. It signals trust for future renters. If you do not have your first review yet, consider offering a discount to your first renters to get your first 5 STARS review.

MangoRV Owner Departure and Return Checklists

MangoRV offers forms to facilitate the rental experience for both owners and renters. Furthermore, our Departure and Return forms are needed in cases of disputes. Checklists may be found under Documents in your Owner Dashboard under the Bookings Tab.

A Pre-Arrivals Checklist is provided. We recommend you go through this checklist a few days prior to the trip start date to ensure a smooth walkthrough and rental experience.

Creating a Vehicle Manual

A vehicle manual is a good item to have available in each RV you rent out. Create folders with information such as the Rental Agreement, how renters can reach you, and frequently asked questions that come up after a renter leaves on the trip. You may provide the vehicle specs and portions of the vehicle manual, for example: “how to dump the pumps.” MangoRV is happy to assist you with creating your first manual.

MangoRV CDC Covid Safe cleaning guidelines for Owners

We recommend owners follow CDC guidelines for safe cleaning of surfaces to prevent transmission of Covid-19.

All RV Owners must commit to following the enhanced Covid-19 Cleaning process which is described below:

Step 1: Prepare:

Ventilate the space before and during cleaning, when possible

Use disinfectants approved by your local regulatory agencies for use against COVID-19.

Wash or disinfect your hands, and wear a mask and gloves while cleaning

Step 2: Clean

Cleaning is when you remove dust and dirt from surfaces, such as floors and countertops.

Be sure to:

Sweep, vacuum, dust, and/or mop areas before sanitizing. Wash all dishes and laundry at the highest heat setting possible. Wipe down hard surfaces with soap and water.

Step 3: Sanitize

Sanitizing is when you use chemicals to reduce the number of bacteria on surfaces such as doors and tables.

Be sure to:

Spray high-touch surfaces with an approved disinfectant spray. Let the disinfectant stand for the length of time specified on the product label. Allow the surface to air

Step 4: Reset

To help prevent cross-contamination, it's important to finish cleaning and sanitizing a room before replacing items for the next guest.

Be sure to:

Wash your hands and replace gloves before replacing guest supplies, linens, and cleaning kits. Safely dispose of or wash cleaning supplies and protective gear.Empty and/or clean your equipment (ex: vacuum, microfiber cloths) between each turnover

Committing to the cleaning process is required for all listings.

How does insurance work?

All RVs rented through MangoRV must have comprehensive collision and liability coverage for the duration of the rental. MangoRV partners with a nationwide RV insurance provider to offer up to $1 million in liability insurance coverage.

How to submit an insurance claim?

The contact information for the insurance binder for your vehicle will be included in the rental agreement.

How does MangoRV verify renters?

MangoRV is committed to your safety. To that effect, every renter must undergo identity verification. In addition, all renters must have a minimum age of 25years old. MangoRV uses a national identity verification company that is independent.

How do taxes work?

Every RV owner must check with their accountant or lawyer about their tax obligations. MangoRV does not charge taxes on the owner’s payout. We are, however, required to report to the IRS when your payout exceeds $20,000 per year.

MangoRV may collect and pay state and local sales taxes on rentals on your behalf. This does not affect your pricing or payout. RV Owners may designate their tax rate during the listing of their vehicles. It is important to note that you must have a sales tax permit to collect sales taxes. In case of questions please refer to your accountant or attorney for legal advice.

Set up your Taxes on MangoRV?

Go to your owner’s dashboard and set the tax rates your wish MangoRV to collect on your behalf.

How does the Dispute and Resolution process work?

Disputes usually arise in the use of the Security Deposit. The security deposit is held by MangoRV for 7 days after an RV returns from a trip. The owner of the RV can release part or all of the security deposit anytime within 7 days after RV returns. If the owner fails to release within 7 days, the security deposit is automatically released in entirety to the renter’s credit card on file.

If the RV has damage, and it will take more than 7 days to get an estimate from a mechanic, the RV owner needs to open a dispute while pending the estimate. This creates an extension beyond the 7 days period.

The owner sets the amount of security deposit like $500, $1000, or $1500.

The more luxurious the RV the higher the owner can set the security deposit. Owners must also be aware that the higher they set the security deposit, the higher the chance they may drive a renter away.

The RV owner may claim some or all of the security deposit to cover cleaning fees, propane, mileage overages, generator overages, etc. It may also be used to cover interior damage of the RV. But before the owner claims the security deposit, the owner must communicate with the renter. If the renter agrees, the owner can charge and release the partial security deposit (if any is left) to the renter without ever involving MangoRV. If the security deposit is less than the total amount of the damage, the owner will need to file a claim through MangoRV’s dispute department.

MangoRV will ask for evidence. The owner must turn in the walkthrough document previously signed by the renter, in which all damages of the RV, if any, were documented on the walkthrough paperwork prior to the start of the trip. MangoRV will ask for photos of the RV before the trip. The owner must take at least 10 photos. Two photos for the back and front of the RV, two photos for the left and right side of the RV, four photos of the 4 corners of the RV, and 2 photos for the front inside and back inside of the RV. In addition, the owner must take photos of the damage, obtain an estimate of the damage from a mechanic and present the evidence to MangoRV for review. MangoRV will resolve the dispute using standard commercial procedures. If MangoRV determines that the case is genuine, the renter will be notified, and the security deposit is charged. If the security deposit is less than the cost of the damage, MangoRV will charge the renter’s credit card on file for that additional fee.

Describe the Arbitration Process

In the event that the Parties cannot amicably resolve a dispute or damage claim resulting from this Agreement, the Parties agree to resolve any such dispute or damage claim by arbitration. The arbitration proceeding shall be conducted in San Antonio, Texas, in accordance with the rules of the American Arbitration Association then in effect with one (1) arbitrator to be selected by mutual agreement of the Parties. If the Parties cannot agree on an arbitrator, then the American Arbitration Association shall select an arbitrator from the National Panel of Arbitrators. The laws of the State of Texas in the United States shall apply to the arbitration proceedings. The Parties agree that the arbitrator cannot award punitive damages to either Party and agree to be bound by the arbitrator’s findings. Judgment upon the award rendered by the arbitrator may be entered in any court having jurisdiction.

What if I need to cancel a booking?

As an owner, occasionally life happens and you may not be able to deliver a vehicle to a renter. Inform the renter as soon as possible to give them a chance to find another rental.

Roadside Assistance for vehicle breakdowns

For your safety MangoRV requires 24/7 Roadside assistance with each rental. There is a nominal cost per day. Roadside assistance covers assistance with vehicle breakdown while on the road. It covers lockout assistance, towing to the nearest service center, flat tire service, emergency delivery of gasoline, fluid or air, and battery service.

How to Closeout a Rent

After a renter has returned the vehicle, go to your Owners Dashboard under “Bookings”. Change the Booking status to “Finish Booking.” Follow the steps to complete the booking and release the security deposit to the renter.

How do I contact MangoRV?

You may reach the MangoRV support team at 210-780-7655 or write to us at support@mangorv.com.

Is there a fee to list an RV?

No. Listing an RV is always free on the MangoRV platform.

How much is the MangoRV Owner's commission?

MangoRV owners commission is a % charged to the total rental fee collected, minus the security deposit and taxes. We charge this amount to provide a secure platform, website development, and updates, customer support, roadside assistance, and verify user identity.

The MangoRV Owner’s commission is 20%. Sign up today to qualify for a MangoRV Early Bird limited offer: MangoRV Owner’s commission of 15% for a year.

What is the Owner’s Commission applied to?

MangoRV owners commission is a % charged to the total rental fee collected, minus the security deposit and taxes.

How do I get paid?

MangoRV processes payments through a secure and nationally renowned third-party company STRIPE. RV owners will create a Stripe account connected to their bank account. The RV owner payout is released immediately after processing. The money may take 3-5 business days to show up in your bank account.

What is the MangoRV Service fee?

Renters pay the MangoRV Service fee. It is a % applied to renters charged to the total rental fee collected, minus the security deposit and taxes. We charge this amount to provide a secure platform, website development, and updates, customer support, roadside assistance, and verify user identity. Only RV renters pay the service fee.