MangoRV at the GNW Bandera Market in San Antonio

MangoRV at the GNW Bandera Market in San Antonio

Mercedes Benz Sprinter View on display with awning extended. Photo Credit.
SAN ANTONIO, Texas —- On Saturday February 5th MangoRV, a family-owned RV rental company based in San Antonio, was one of many local businesses who came out to support the GNW and Bandera Farmer’s Market. The RV rental agency made an impression on both market organizers and patrons with their vibrant colors and hard to miss Class C motorhome, a sleek 26ft Mercedes Benz Sprinter View.
Founder Moses Mogga (left) and Co-founder Dr. Noela Mogga (right) talk about the MBS View. Photo Credit.

Meet the Founders of MangoRV

Dr. Noela and Moses Mogga, Founders of the rental agency, led an impressive caravan outside the Silver Creek Soccer Fields on the brisk yet sunny Saturday morning. When the entrepreneurs arrived on location, they were welcomed by the operations manager Bria who was seen coordinating activities and ensuring that vendors were successfully set up and ready for customers. Meanwhile Gilda, the mastermind behind the booming farmer’s market was seen at every booth connecting with business owners.
MangoRV CEO Dr. Noela Mogga and VP of Sales pose for a fun photo by the MBS View. Photo Credit.
MangoRV presented their Class C Mercedes Benz Sprinter View and services in a neatly organized, fun and engaging style. Their unique display was deemed highly attractive by market goers. The polished green and white 8x4 banner, made by Blackbear Print was nestled right on the side of the RV where the electric awning was seen smoothly rolling out. From a distance, patrons could see a bouquet of orange and white balloons floating from each side of the awning. Underneath the awning was a folding table centered with a few chairs. The table was dressed in a pumpkin-colored orange tablecloth displaying marketing material and cool giveaways. 
Postcards, water and chocolate for customers at the GNW Bandera Market. Photo Credit.
Patrons walking up or strolling by were greeted by the team and invited with smiles, chocolates, water and a personal RV tour of the MBS View. Many couples, RV newbies and retired people stopped by for a “sneak peek”, took photos and asked questions. Adults were not the only ones amused by the impressive RV staging, young children and their friends approached the team for balloons and a piece of candy. 
CEO Dr. Noela Mogga stops for a smile after giving a tour of The View. Photo Credit.

Great Northwest Bandera Market Vendors and atmosphere

The market had an ambience akin to an outdoor festival. The smell of barbecue and smoke from Rock Quarry Bar-B-Que filled the air and made its way around the market. A playlist consisting of lively music by Earth, Wind and Fire, Marvin Gaye, Erykah Badu and other upbeat sounds played throughout the day encouraging everyone to show off their moves. Market goers tasted delicious nuts in various flavors from food vendors like Nana’s Nuts while fashion lovers bought unique leather purses and craft items from Inspired Creations and other local vendors. 
Delicious ribs and loaded baked potatoes made by Rock Quarry Bar-B-Que. Photo Credit.
Dr. Noela and Moses were seen interacting with customers and business owners and making new connections. When asked by a customer, what’s the difference between MangoRV and a competitor, Moses explained how he believed good companies reach customers, but exceptional companies know their customers. And knowing their customers is just what the team at MangoRV intends to keep doing by investing in the community and providing safer, faster and trusted services both online and in-person at their new location off I-10. Subscribe to the MangoRV newsletter for updates on the upcoming ribbon cutting ceremony in the Spring.
Owners of Nana's Nuts, Adriana and Aaron smile for a photo at their lovely booth. Photo Credit.

MangoRV a new RV Rental Platform 

As many Americans look to the great outdoors and RV lifestyle for vacations and long-distance road trips, MangoRV positions itself as the leading RV Rental company to serve San Antonio, Austin and neighboring cities. The new company was established in August 2019 with just one vehicle and has since expanded its fleet and created an RV rental platform as a part of their mission to make RVing accessible to all Americans. Dr. Noela and Moses Mogga developed and launched an online RV marketplace called that makes renting more accessible to campers by pairing RV owners and RV renters seamlessly. RV owners can utilize the platform by renting out their RV’s and can earn up to $1,000 a week to help offset the cost of ownership and earn passive income. The platform offers free advertising, renter identity verification, 24/7 customer support and the lowest commission of any RV platform to all RV owners.
Clear blue sky over colorful tents at the GNW Bandera Saturday Market. Photo Credit.