March Newsletter from MangoRV Welcoming Spring with Open Arms

March Newsletter from MangoRV Welcoming Spring with Open Arms

Welcoming Spring with Open Arms! 

"The earth laughs in flowers."– Ralph Waldo Emerson

 In our March Newsletter, learn about MangoRV's women leaders in celebration of Women's History Month. Get to know who they are and how they help move the company forward. Get a preview of our latest blog about the National Cherry Blossom Festival taking place in Washington D.C this Spring. Last but not least get the inside on what we're doing on TikTok and YouTube, information on our latest offers, promotions and upcoming news.


MangoRV Women Leaders on Women's History Month
The National Cherry Blossom Festival Your RV Guide By MangoRV
MangoRV joins TikTok and YouTube to share content
MangoRV's latest offers and promotions
Upcoming news and what to expect next

In Celebration of Women's History Month, Meet MangoRV's Women Leaders 

As we celebrate Women's History Month 2022 we're excited to highlight our CEO and Co Founder Dr. Noela Mogga seen in the photo above last month at the Austin RV Expo. As one of MangoRV's confident decision makers, she strives to see the growth and development of MangoRV each quarter. Dr. Mogga manages MangoRV's overall operations, directs agendas, manages the company structure, is hands on with community outreach along with a host of duties and responsibilities. We celebrate Dr. Mogga for her phenomenal leadership as a businesswoman, physician and entrepreneur.

We're thrilled to highlight another MangoRV Woman Leader, Margaret Kiden Samuel who recently joined us as Vice President of Sales. As seen in the photo above at our GNW community outreach day,  Kiden manages MangoRV's sales operations and focuses on promoting our newly launched peer-to-peer rv rental platform to rv renters and rv owners. As our vp of sales she identifies, prioritizes and executes sales strategies that help fuel the company's success. We celebrate Kiden for her exceptional leadership in sales and passion for promoting MangoRV's products and services. Click here to see our amazing MangoRV Women Leaders on Youtube.

The National Cherry Blossom Festival, Your Guide by MangoRV

If you’re looking for someplace floral and vibrant to visit this Spring, then here’s your RV guide to the National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington D.C.

About The National Cherry Blossom Festival

The Cherry Blossom Trees were gifted by Tokyo’s Mayor, Yukio Ozaki, to the nation’s capitol in 1912. The 2022 festival marks the 110th anniversary of the gift of trees as well as a tribute to the longstanding friendship between Japan and the United States. Beginning March 20 to April 17 the festival will be taking place for four weeks. The festival will have many activities including signature events like the Opening Ceremony, National Cherry Blossom Festival Parade, the Blossom Kite Festival, Petalpalooza, the Tidal Basin Welcome Area and a Pink Tie Dinner Party. Read more..

MangoRV Joins TikTok and Youtube to Share Content

With many of us having busy schedules we know it's hard to keep up with our favorite brands, stories and latest trends. This is why we've made it easier for you to stay informed about what we're doing and don't miss out on great offers. We recently joined TikTok to share content with those of you who enjoy that community. You can check out this cool clip of us touring the 2022 Jayco Eagle Fifth Wheel or another clip of us talking with Campspot at the Austin RV Expo. We also recently uploaded a ton of vides on our YouTube channel for those of you who enjoy longer videos! You can watch this awesome Tour of the Coachman Freelander by Cornelius Garner or a Tour of the 2016 Forrester MBS. Be sure to hit the follow or the subscribe button when you watch any of our videos!

MangoRV latest offers and promotions

If you're thinking about a road trip this Spring, we've got you covered. Our rental rates currently start at $229 a night for select vehicles. Be sure to make your reservations right away to take advantage of these great rates while they last. Additionally, MangoRV is offering $50 for referred renters and $50 for referred owners. If your friends or family have been thinking about taking an RV vacation, send them a link to and let them know to mention your name when they Book an RV so you can benefit from this offer. On the other hand, if you know someone who owns an RV and is looking to make extra money, let them know they can List Their RV on our platform. MangoRV will issue you $50 after the first completed booking for referred renters and owners.


Upcoming news and what to expect next

On upcoming news and what to expect, recently our CEO and Co-Founder Dr. Noela Mogga interviewed with Voyage San Antonio Magazine to talk about MangoRV. We're honored to be featured and to represent the RV community on a media outlet that supports local stories and small businesses. Our President and Founder Mr. Moses Mogga and Keith the RV Guy, of Touchdown RV Podcast. had a chance to have a casual conversation on getting to know the company and why we stared. Stay connected with us on Facebook and Instagram for more updates.

Until next time, Happy Trails!

MangoRV Team

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