Discover San Antonio RV Rentals and Explore the City

Discover San Antonio RV Rentals and Explore the City

Discover San Antonio RV Rentals and Explore the City

Mission Concepcion, San Antonio, Texas

MangoRV is a family-run and local San Antonio company that loves the city and all it has to offer. We’ve taken RV trips and realized that such trips bring us joy. We believe in leisure, adventure travel and most importantly we believe that families need quality time to make memories that last, and road trips are one of the perfect chances for that. For those reasons we’re proud to be the top choice for San Antonio RV Rentals. Rvers from all over the country have rented our luxury RVs and have amazing road trips while visiting popular destinations like Fort Worth, Big Bend National Park, Corpus Christi and South Padre Island.

Founded on May 1, 1718, San Antonio is the second most-populous city in Texas and the seventh most-populous city in the USA. San Antonio offers an authentic fusion of Mexican and Texan culture. Major components of San Antonio’s economy are education, health care and medical research, business and financial services, and most importantly- tourism, and our military.

RV Campgrounds/Parks

San Antonio / Alamo KOA Holiday

San Antonio offers a range of RV parks and RV resorts for RV renters. When you rent your RV from MangoRV, you can expect to experience San Antonio like never before. There are tons of options to choose from and narrowing them down is key.  

If you prefer a more traditional camp setting, a rustic feel to a campsite with more exposure to nature and wildlife, enjoy outdoor activities like trails, hiking and bike riding instead of modern amenities, then a Campground is your best option. Campgrounds at state parks can be found just outside the city.

If you enjoy having access to many amenities like pools, exercise facilities, fishing piers and event spaces like community centers, then an RV Resort might be the perfect setting for your vacation. On the other hand, if you want the best of both worlds and want a bit more seclusion and privacy from neighbors, prefer to see trees and have access to modern amenities like electrical and water hookups, and perhaps a paved driveway, then an RV Park might be the right fit for you. A good point to remember is that RV parks are a middle ground between RV resorts and Campgrounds.

Here are four of our favorites.

San Antonio / Alamo KOA Holiday
Approximately 10 minutes from historic downtown San Antonio, this KOA is the perfect location if you want to be near everything. Once considered Campground of the Year in South Texas, this destination is perfect for Class C RVs and offers 300 campsites with 50 and 30 amp hookups, Wi-Fi, fire wood, and many recreational activities for children and everyone to enjoy. This park offers a playground, swimming pool, bike rental and tv lounge.

Turkey Sink Campground at Guadalupe River State Park
Close to 30 miles north of downtown San Antonio, this park is popular for swimming and welcomes campers with rigs of all sizes like our Coachmen Freelander. There are 48 water and electric sites. For just $24/night you can enjoy a campsite that has a picnic table, water hookup, 50 and 30 amp hookups and a fire ring with grill. The park is pet friendly and offers hike and bike trails along with access to the Guadalupe River to kayak or canoe.

Oak Hills RV Park
At reasonable rates Oak Hills offers 31 pull-thru sites with 50 and 30 amp hookups and allows  RVers to bring pets. Located just under 30 minutes from SeaWorld San Antonio, this park is a great location if you plan on sightseeing and exploring the city. You can find attractions like the Urban Air Adventure Park, Natural Bridge Caverns, the Japanese Tea Garden, the San Antonio Museum of Art and much more nearby.   

Greenlake RV Resort 
Located in Southeast San Antonio, this RV Resort offers a 5 star experience with just about everything you need on your vacation. Some of the amenities include a sparkling swimming pool, computer room, fitness center and professional-grade laundry facilities. After you book your RV Rental, you can choose the best site for your trip with rates ranging from $45-$147 a day. You will have access to full hookup concrete pads, free cable and Wi-Fi, free air station, and coffee and a popcorn bar as complimentary items.

Here’s a list of more RV parks and Resorts to choose from.

Storage Facilities in San Antonio

A very overlooked but important need that RV renters should always consider is an RV storage facility. Due to the large size of an RV, storing one at their home residence isn’t an ideal solution for most people. Using an RV storage facility can: free up space, increase security, and can come with perks such as wash stations for your RV. 

Some RV stations to look out for in San Antonio are the following:

Know Where to Dump Your Tanks in San Antonio

You may not have thought about the need to dump your RV waste before, but it is something you should consider and plan for when RVing in San Antonio. Dump stations are where you go to empty your RV waste safely from the holding tanks. The holding tanks consist of gray water and black water. Gray water is all of the water that drains from your shower, kitchen and bathroom sinks. Black water contains human waste and must be disposed of carefully and safely because it is toxic. You should wait until the tanks are full or nearly full and dump the black water first and gray water last. 

To avoid driving around for hours looking for dump stations, you should know of a few locations in advance where you can dump the gray and black water holding tanks. Some locations are free to use, others are reserved for guests only or those with a military ID while others are open to the public for a small fee. Here is a list of cost-friendly dump stations near San Antonio. Wherever you are on your trip, you may also find dump stations by searching the internet for “dump stations near me.” 

You can look for a RV dump station near San Antonio, Texas here. The list includes many locations with the address, fees, phone number and other relevant details about each station.

You Rented your RV, now what fun things are there to do in San Antonio?

View of river, boat and patrons dinning at San Antonio River Walk

Hiking Trails in San Antonio

Relaxing in a comfortable RV and enjoying the amenities is every RV vacationer's dream. But one thing many rvers love to do besides relaxing is going hiking. Hiking is one of the most popular outdoor activities and can be enjoyed at different levels and terrains. If you think you’ll want to venture off from your campsite and explore your surroundings, then be sure to get a park map to plan your hike accordingly. Park maps are important to study because they help you learn the trails and know where you’re heading. Hiking is great for fresh air, wildlife and amazing nature scenery. 

Here’s a list of some popular trails.

The top 6 parks to visit in San Antonio

Roots of Large Cypress Tree on the Guadalupe River at Gudalupe River State Park, Texas
If you want to have the best vacation in San Antonio, then you should travel in style and comfort in one of our luxury Class C RVs. Camping at RV Resorts and having the ability to drive around the city and visit the parks, trails and attractions you want to see has never been easier. When you choose us to reserve an RV Rental in San Antonio you’ll have access to a live person who can answer all of your questions on our 24/7 customer service line. One of the best things about renting an RV from a local family-run company is that you’ll have a friendly, professional and personalized experience from start to finish. Are you entirely new to the RV community and not sure where to start? You can discover common and frequently asked renter questions here. Choose a safer, faster and trusted RV Rental company and book with us today.

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